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About Us

MCA® - Business Education & Training (Mel Crook & Associates Pty Ltd) was established in 1987 and is a Business Management Education & Training specialist with a proven record in assisting businesses in maximising their productivity, minimising their overhead cost structure, managing cash flow and producing results.

We provided a comprehensive range of services designed to give a whole of business approach.

We have the specialised experience to understand the particular requirements of individual businesses. Our many years of working on a side-by-side basis with various industry groups places us in a unique position to identify and initiate action, in those areas where businesses experience operating problems.

Through this experience we have developed a genuinely practical approach to providing the type of formalised business education service business owners and employees actually want, as well as need, that is to say:

  • We deliver and present our material and courses in the everyday language of our clients
  • In a format that places them in their own situation
  • Identifies their operating strengths and weaknesses
  • Practical methods which are relevant to their specific operation are then developed for application to those problems which maybe restricting that particular enterprise.

Training programmes can be conducted either at the client's business, work site or a nominated venue.

We have the staff, resources and experience to deliver required outcomes to the business performance of our clients.

Our business services include:

  • Work Health & Safety Management Systems
  • Quality & Business Management Systems

  • Environmental Management Systems

  • WHS courses

  • Business courses

  • Legal services

  • Contract management / tendering

  • Marketing

Registered Training Organisation

MCA® - Business Education & Training (Mel Crook & Associates Pty Ltd) is a Registered Training Organisation under the Australian Quality Training Framework, and was registered in NSW by VETAB in April 2005 to deliver training, conduct assessment and issue qualifications.

The goal of the training department is to effectively provide relevant information to meet the needs of industry, in order to inform, educate and improve the level of knowledge of those within industry.

Within this goal our objective is to provide timely, accurate and relevant information which assists clients to enhance their business potential in a competitive business environment.

Contact MCA® - Business Education & Training today to discuss your individual requirements.

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Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) 2012.
Protect yourself from fines and prosecution.
Are You Aware?
  • New work health and safety (WHS) laws were introduced on 1st January 2012
  • The WHS laws replaced the existing OH&S laws.
  • These new laws will be consistent across Australia.
  • These changes will affect all Australian workplaces with INCREASED PENALTIES(corporations face fines of up to $3 million per offence, while individuals face fines of $600,000 or 5 years in jail.) for non compliance.

What you need to do.

Ensure you have documented safe systems of work in your workplace.

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