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OHS Property & Site Hazard Inspections

 OH&S Management Systems for the following industry groups:
 Building & Construction (all trades)
 Service and Maintenance

Real Estate Agents / Property Managers

 Manufacturing & Engineering

 Transport & Warehousing


 Child Care Centres

Electrical Appliance Industry

 Carpet Laying/Floor Coverings /Cleaning & Restoration


Safe Work Method Statements

 MCA® - Business Education & Training has an extensive library of Safe Work Method Statements covering all Industry groups, Trades and Services. Becoming a client gives you access to this library for your specific needs.

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OH&S Property & Site Hazard Inspections

As an employer, self employed or person in control of a workplace you are required to 'ensure workplace health and safety’ under the OH&S Act and OH&S Regulation in your state or territory.

Business owners must now ensure their company is fully compliant with the relevant state or territory occupational health and safety legislation. This means ensuring all occupational health and safety hazards to health and safety in the workplace are identified, assessed and eliminated or controlled as part of your occupational health and safety obligations.

REMEMBER, to conform to your local WorkCover Authority requirements, you MUST exercise & demonstrate Due Diligence and Duty of Care in regard to all workplace activities.

MCA® - Business Education & Training can assist you in meeting your occupational health and safety obligations in a cost effective way.

A property / site OH&S hazard inspection can identify potential hazards that may be a risk to health and safety in your workplace. We produce comprehensive reports including photos, and suggested forms of compliance to rectify the hazards identified.

This service is provided for the following:

  • Building & Construction sites
  • Manufacturing & Engineering workshops
  • Factories / Factory units
  • Warehouses

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Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) 2012.
Protect yourself from fines and prosecution.
Are You Aware?
  • New work health and safety (WHS) laws were introduced on 1st January 2012
  • The WHS laws replaced the existing OH&S laws.
  • These new laws will be consistent across Australia.
  • These changes will affect all Australian workplaces with INCREASED PENALTIES(corporations face fines of up to $3 million per offence, while individuals face fines of $600,000 or 5 years in jail.) for non compliance.

What you need to do.

Ensure you have documented safe systems of work in your workplace.

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